It is a widely known fact that the occurrence of Burn in our country is confined largely to the lower strata of the society. It was a dichotomy of sorts, since this section of people are not financially potent enough to cope with the costs involved in the modern treatment strategies of Burns.

Moreover the deterring factors of mortality and ROI (Return on Investment) hardly made the treatment a lucrative proposition with the perspective of the Healthcare Business.

The country needed to devise and apply forms and modes of treatment which are affordable yet effective. This however would never be possible with the lack of initiative in this particular form of Trauma on part of the Private Sector.
Currently we only have the facility for treatment of Burns in the Hospitals of the government sector. There is a paucity of both the Doctors & the Trained Technical Staff for this form of treatment which also explains the lack of research and hence inadequate Burn Treatment Centers.

While the need for Burn Treatment Units in our country has been a common discussion point, little has been initiated in this field in the private sector.

Since Burns occur mostly in a Socio-Economic realm which is unable to afford the expensive treatment for the same, efficient cost management in the treatment of burns in our country becomes imperative.

High treatment costs have not only added to the mortality rate in this trauma but have also resulted in a certain degree of malpractice whereby a patient is siphoned off his/her funds in the initial period of treatment and then referred to a subsidized government set up where due to the lack of proper treatment and adequate care, the patient’s condition deteriorates and in some cases results in death.