Burns & Trauma

Burns & Trauma

A Burn is an injury caused by thermal, chemical, electrical or radiation energy while a scald is a burn caused by contact with a hot liquid or steam. The term ‘burn’ however is in general often used to include scalds.

Most burns if minor, heal without much problems but complete healing in terms of cosmetic outcome is often dependent on appropriate care, especially within the first few days after the burn.

What needs to be always kept in mind however is that – Any Burn Injury of any magnitude warrants immediate medical attention.

Most simple burns and other forms of trauma and wounds, can be managed in primary care but complex burns and all major burns warrant a specialist and skilled multidisciplinary approach for a successful clinical outcome.  It is for such complex cases that BTRC provides an excellent Management Program.

Our expertise lies in the following

1. Speciality Management, Treatment & rehabilitation of all kinds of Burns (Thermal, Electrical, Chemical, Scalds, etc.).

2. Trauma & Accidental Injuries with or without Neuro & Ortho Involvement.

3. Non Healing Wounds & Bed Sores