Center Segmentation


Center Segmentation

The prime importance while BBTRC embarked upon this task of setting up multiple Burn Units in the country was given to the classification of these units in terms of the available facilities, infrastructure, skill, bed strength and treatment costs.

Another important factor which was taken into consideration was the prevalence and control of Cross-Infection within Burn Units.

After an extensive brainstorming and intense expert consultation BBTRC decided upon classifying the Burn Units into the following 4 categories:

1. BRU – Burn Referral Unit

A BRU has been typically planned for the rural or semi urban geographical units of our country. It is intended to provide burn treatment access cover to areas having a concentrated population of less than 2 million. The infrastructure and skill level that we intend to deploy at the level of a BRU is of a modest level in terms of numbers but expert level in terms of training.

So while the less severe Burns can be managed at the BRU level at an extremely low cost, those of a higher magnitude or intensity can be stabilized initially (this is extremely crucial for survival) under a strict protocol and transported to a higher center for further action.

2. PBU – Primary Burn Unit

In India we have certain towns and cities which act as convergence points for treatment of Burns. These towns and cities typically have government medical college hospitals which have designated wards/units for Burns. Although these units are inadequately staffed and equipped, they serve as the only recognized centers for burn treatment. A PBU has been typically planned such urban geographical units of our country.

A PBU is equipped holistically to handle Burns of any magnitude or intensity. An added feature here is the special arrangement for the surgical treatment or reconstruction of Post Burn Deformities and Contractures.

3. TBU – Tertiary Burn Unit

A TBU is basically a magnified version of the PBU but has the edge in treating Burn Victims with co-morbidities. Since a TBU is always planned in a large city (preferably in or near a metropolitan city or a state capital), the infrastructure and skill level that we intend to deploy at the level of a TBU is top notch both in terms of efficiency and expertise.

4. BCE – Burn Center of Excellence

A BCE is conceptually a world class set up, which is still in its planning stage. A blueprint is expected to be prepared by end of 2014 in consultation with some of the best and most reputed Burn Centers of the world.