Exclusively Burns

Exclusively Burns

Burns as a super specialty, has been neglected so far in the Healthcare realm of our country.

Burn Units or Burn Centres are more often than not, just a negligible part of existing multi-specialty set ups. The focus and dedication therefore required to salvage a victim is somewhat compromised in such arrangements since Burns requires a considerable level of attention, skill & manpower.

Only creating a geographical boundary can never suffice to handle a mammoth task of treating burn victims. It is important to create and practice protocols not only in terms of treatment but also in terms of administration, sourcing, human resource and information. The fact remains that unless an institution devotes itself comprehensively to the precise super-speciality of Burns, the results and outcomes will never rise beyond the level of despair and dissatisfaction.

BBTRC through its several burn units has focussed on Burns specifically and strives to put in practice a system of multiple protocols, all of which put in a bigger thematic to benefit people suffering specifically from Burns.