Man Behind the Mission

Man Behind The Mission

Dr. K. N. Tiwary (MCh – Plastic Surgery) man behind the mission of providing a platform based on which treatment of Burns could be made more accessible and affordable. It is of prime importance for him to save a life which has, even an iota of survival possibility.

While considerable research papers & studies have been undertaken in the realm of Burn Treatment & Plastic Surgery, seldom have these realizations been brought down to the level of practical treatment procedures.

Dr. Tiwary had realized this and dedicated himself to the crusade against this painful trauma since his days as a doctor in PMCH in the 1980s. 31 years hence, Bihar Burn & Trauma Research Center Pvt. Ltd. has spread its wings from Patna to Delhi NCR & Chhattisgarh and is working relentlessly on its plan for opening of 17 other Burn centers in various parts of India.

Dr. Tiwary has the belief in his 45 Day Recovery Theory and he along with his team of Doctors and Staff strives to achieve the same with utmost dedication. He has successfully treated many patients (25% to 60% Burns) within the period of 45 days.

He strongly believes that a Burn Patient can achieve a reasonable recovery in 45 days, enough for the patient to be discharged and sent to the comfort of their homes when he or she is subjected to the necessary procedures (Dressing, Escharectomy, Escharatomy & Surgical Skin/Membrane Grafting) in a reasonably infection free environment with intensive nursing & supervision. This has besides achieving treatment success has also enabled the treatment to be less expensive.

His emphasis is always on an Infection Free Environment, Regular Periodical Nursing Care and Monitoring and a Regular and detailed dressing schedule of the Burn Wounds by a Trained Surgeon.