Plastic & Reconstructive

Plastic & Reconstructive

The deformities that a Burn Incidence leaves with a victim do not go away on their own. Most of them need a surgical intervention in collaboration with physiotherapy and special garments and splinting.

The contractures in specific, need to be surgically released.Techniques may include local skin flaps (z-plasty) or skin grafting (full thickness or split thickness).

There are also pharmacy and drug-store treatments that can be used to help scar maturation, especially silicone gel treatments.

Prevention of contracture formation is key. For instance, in the case of a burned hand one would splint the hand and wrap each finger individually.

In the instance of burns on the neck, hyperextension of the neck (i.e. no use of pillows) should be maintained during the healing process.

BTRC undertakes the following 2 protocols with utmost seriousness for best results:

1. Post Burn Surgeries (Contractures, Disfigurement, Deformity, White Patches, etc.)
2. Post Traumatic Reconstruction & Plastic Surgery